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a photographer takes a close looke at the photos he frames: a love story Noah's Art with Sellable Sorrow
Softcover, 5"x8", 510 pages: $24.95

Backpacking out of the 60s'
“Noah's Art” 330 page photo-graphic novel based on true events and set in the rolling hills of Marin County, California, with a cast of characters straight out of 1969 telling the story of true love ending mixed with drug lords, CIA and just plain crazy.

MK-ULTRA: just the beginning

“Sellable Sorrow” 180 page photo-graphic novel continuing where "Noah's Art" left off with Noah's CIA "certification" as "A man with a history of mental illness," sent behind enemy lines into San Francisco to attract "people like him."

tranny transvestites don't always dress in a dress Fallon & the Evil Deeds of Mrs. Quinn
SOFTcover, 8.5"x 12", 250 pages: $49.95
HARDcover, 8.5"x 12", 250 pages: $101.95

Fallon kicks as for the NSA
250 page photo-graphic novel:
Turn around is fair play when under the guise of national security, a young girl is sexually tortured until she teaches them that there's never good reason to abuse a child.

Peter Measure needs to save his granny for a life lived in a dream. getHELP
SOFTcover, 6"x 9", 184 pages: $34.95

Peter Measure sizes up!

184 page graphic novel:
Peter Measure, personal bobot to Granny (sent to prison as a young woman for killing the man who raped her) must sacrifice his batteries to destroy the demon of regret.

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Single mother of teen suicide sets out to save all misfits

"Miss Fittz" is a graphic novel series utilizing 3d "puppets" to tell the story of social worker, Miss Fittz, a mother determined to correct the social misgivings that lead to her son's suicide: hanging by the neck wearing his a dress.

Miss Fittz JUNE 2012

81 pages: When Carol hints that good neighbor Sam is responsible for her son, Timmy's, death, Miss Fittz is visited by Timmy's ghost who suggests she might look in another direction.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz JULY 2012

64 pages: Miss Fittz learns that to keep her job, she must do things against her better judgement..but how far will she go to find justice for her dead son.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz AUGUST 2012

100 pages: After a night on the town, Carol exercises her powers of persuasion when she 5150's a runaway as a gift to Dr. Larz.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz SEPTEMBER 2012

64 pages: Miss Kim has been invited to the Ward where she makes herself at home until Dobbs decides she belongs to him and him alone.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz OCTOBER 2012

300 pages! The complete works contained in the June, July, August, and September episodes of Miss Fittz.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz JANUARY 2013

115 pages: To increase political power, the "LGBT" shortens their acronym to "LG" claiming the "B" as simple opportunists, and the "T" beyond belief. Two days later Dr. Larz arrives with a train load of misfits picked fresh off the city streets. As they are unloaded and labeled, Miss Fittz finds herself remembering her lost son, Tranny Tim, and the untold hell he suffered as Prisoner 71051.

winberry graphic novels Miss Fittz FEBRUARY 2013

68 pages: When Prisoner 71051 refuses to tell of his origins, Dr. Larz has Shirley and Miss Fittz coerce Sara the secretary to dig for more information by sleeping with him and when a Valentine sent from a dream leaves Shirley Able doubting herself, she seeks advice from Miss Fittz.

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